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Dietmar Osterburg Trio

Dietmar Osterburg Trio

Dietmar Osterburg - guitars
André Neygenfind - bass
Eddie Filipp - drums

Jazz guitar connoisseurs already know since 2007 that Dietmar Osterburg is a team player. Anyone who knows his debut album “For A While” and hears the newly released second CD “Inside Out” will have to agree. Indeed this trio is a homogenous whole made up of disparate parts, which add up to much more than their total.

There are few high-ranking jazz guitarists who select the form of a trio as their ideal ensemble. Because this combination succeeds and fails in the interaction of its members, it is one of the most problematic ones, especially for the guitarist. Mediating between two poles, the bass and the rhythm, he has to dodge plenty of traps. A trio will not hide anything. Daring to play the trio is to be exposed more than a soloist or in a duo. Bluffing, blunder and blending can not exist.

A “dream team“ is a fitting term for the Dietmar Osterburg Trio whose members are the same since 2005. They are a captivating threesome with the best chemistry, which make more „happen“ than in top-trios with a more classic separate role distribution. Bassist André Neygenfind and drummer Eddie Filipp are far more than a conventional Rhythm group. They are a veritable powerhouse of inexhaustible activity and creativity, supporting the guitarist all the way in creating „modern mainstream“ which is much more modern than mainstream. Dietmars masterful mixed media interweaves accords with arching melodies to highly exciting events one only rarely hears on the guitar – if at all. Together the three offer an enchanting abundance of escapes from the force fed prefab mainstream samples and formulas. Still they embrace a musical presence, a consensus, a connection and joy of communicating.

Dietmar Osterburg studied violin and discovered the guitar only at age 18. After studying Theology, German and Pedagogy in Hamburg, he decided to add Music, which he did in the Netherlands, and later for his Diploma in Hannover with Thomas Brendgens. There the native Braunschweiger added the double bass with increasing focus. Workshops with the guitarists Jim Hall and Phillip Catherine for example, completed his studies. At that time he already was playing with his own trio and a band with trombone player Nils Wogram, but chose the double bass over the guitar for some time. This he played with Hänsche Weiss or Uli Beckerhoff, and still is a permanent member of the band of sinto violinist Martin Weiss. Additionally he is sought after as theatre musician in all of North Germany, and is wortking for radio and television. For the past few years the guitar has regained importance. He first founded a quartett with Trumpet plaer Christian Kappe, played again with Beckerhoff and in his own trio with Andre and Eddie.

André Neygenfind lives in Wolfsburg and studied Bass with Dieter Ilg und Peter Kowald in Lubeck. He plays double and electric bass professionally. Among others he has played with Uli Beckerhoff, Kai Brückner, Christoph Oeding and the Juju Orchestra. He participated on numerous CD-productions, such as Groove Galaxy or Dub Guerilla with Uwe Granitza, Dr. Ring Ding and Nils Wogram. Currently he works among others with singer Meike Köster and Tom Bennecke of the Jazz Kantine.

Eddie Filipp is sought after in the studio as well as live performances. Stylistically he easily moves between Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country and anything in between. His respectable list of collaborators offer such diverse names as Inga Rumpf, Tony Lakatos, Alex Conti, Dirk Busch, Hannes Wader, the Hamburg Blues Band, Nils Tuxen, Vince Weber, Klaus & Klaus, Heinz Hoenig, Barry Ryan, Howard Carpendale orDeborah Sasson, as well as, last not least, "diverse Bigbands and Jazzformationen".


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