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Welcome to the Homepage of Dietmar Osterburg

Learn everything about the Braunschweig’s jazz composer, guitarist and double bass player Dietmar Osterburg, his accomplishments and current projects.

His new album “Preferences”, released in spring 2014, showcases the skills of this exceptional guitarist.


- In August 2010 JUST JAZZ GUITAR is introducing Dietmar Osterburg with a portrait. "target="blank">

- In the 2/2010 edition of the JAZZPODIUM is introducing Dietmar Osterburg with a portrait.

- On the occasion of the publication of his new Album „Inside Out“ Dietmar Osterburg was extensively interviewed by Alexander Schmitz.

- "THE GERMAN BOOK, VOL I." of the Nil-Edition was published on April 2nd 2009. This book, the new jazz criterion in the German language area, includes among forty composers three compositions by D.O.. For more information go to here.


- D.O. was featured on the title page of the October 08 edition of the magazine GITARRE AKTUELL. Dietmar is introduced by the magazine in the feature article.

- It was also nominated as CD of the year 2007 by Archtop Germany. You can read an interview with D.O. at Archtop-Germany.


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