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"Inside Out"

Just Jazz Guitar:

Listening to this guitar player helps remind one of the fact that between traditional mainstream and contemporary jazz guitar there is an astonishingly wide area wortwhile exploring.[...]
...a guitar player whose instrumenal language is so striking, so original and consistent that it definitely didn't fit into any conceivable patterns in connection with what "modern mainstream guitar" would or should be.[...]... makes Dietmar's jazz sound like shots from the hip right into the hearts of these songs.

Rolf Thomas, Jazzthing:

Fluidity and elegance mark the performance of guitarist Dietmar Osterburg from Braunschweig, Germany. It almost seems a miracle what luster his fingers produce in his second album.


... Only few internationally reknown colleagues of Osterburg reach his technically highly sophisticated level of „piano-like“ performance [...] As composer he is an even more mature master architect of veritable works of wonder. And his performance itself is the happiest mix of intellect and feeling [...]

Lothar Trampert in Gitarre und Bass:

„ With his debut in 2007 the jazz guitarist from Braunschweig appeared as from nowhere – and at that time left me speachless with his full sound, extremely lively lines, a tonal spectrum as well as sound- and phrase variants in a rich multitude, which hardly has been heard from any single musician before him. His new album offers exactly this and a bit more. Great guitar music, which should be heard by every jazz guiatist.

Werner Stiefele in Rondo:

„[...] a vast delight ... wonderful music...immense musicality

Klaus Mümpfer im Jazzpodium:

„[...] Dietmar Osterburg is a brilliant soloist with sparlking melodical ideas, who obviously is deeply rooted in jazz and classic equally, who plays lyrical as well as funky and vehemently swings

Alexander Schmitz auf agas, Februar 2010:

Extrodinarliy beautiful harmonies. The athmosphere dense enough to touch. Rarely or never chosen paths for single note lines between great freedom and purely untapped rules. [...] The jazz guitarist Dietmar Osterburg is a revelation [...], one can only marvel at the imposing level of his language as composer, as interpreter and magnificent improvisor.

"For A While"

Alexander Schmitz; Jazzpodium, September 2007, :

.....“For a While” is a treasure, a revelation, a great joy and - by the way- from a region that has not been on the map for the jazz guitar. It is an album of superlatives, a wonderful task of a wonderful trio, an album that is missing nothing......
Dietmar, a guitarist with an amazingly strong, intensive expression, a prominent, personal voice and an extrodinary feel for skilled “spacing”..... leaves no wishes unfulfilled.....
Happy Braunschweig! At least five stars. Or at least as many as the three can carry!

Gitarre und Bass, Oktober 2007

With the exciting Jazz record with his trio, guitarist Dietmar Osterburg is providing a surprise. “For a While” accomplishes a feat on the guitar......
What is most convincing is their playing, in which the three musicians allow themselves freedom for spontaneity. Respect!, a great european modern jazz guitarist is now coming from Braunschweig!

Stefan Pieper; Jazzzeitung November 2007:

.... Osterburg is not only a stylistically brilliant soloist on six strings, but also leads the life of a diverse musician on the double bass, as music teacher and theater musician - in which he has internalized equally both jazz and classic. ....
In his debut album he effortlessly penetrates the world of the modern jazz guitar...

Markus A. Woelfle, Dezember 2007; Bayrischer Rundfunk:

A highly talented, technically versed artist with a wide pallette, a soft, round sound, a sense for tension and the ability to tell compelling stories in his pieces.

Andreas Polte, August 2007, archtop-germany:

Well, well, this CD is a real surprise! Not because Osterburg selected the difficult trio combination of bass and drums, but because it is really good! With “For a While” Osterburg goes directly from obscurity to the status of insider ....
The CD is convincing from A-Z.

Peter Autschbach; Akustik Gitarre, Ausgabe 6/07:

......... if necessary Osterburg can burn fireworks on 32nd notes, but he uses this ability sparingly and as an accent. Also, his hamonic progressions as well as his melodic lines show him to be a creative improviser, who is in control of every situation.


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